That is me, that is what I will offer you, and I promise you will be satisfied with the end product!
Since I was 5 years old, I knew that I wanted to be on the radio.
I loved listening to the story on the other side of the speakers in my room growing up.
A world of creativity and imagination, a world of color and sound...all at my fingertips.

I knew I had to make my passion my career. Straight from high school I went after it full speed ahead,
and now 20 plus years later I am still here and loving it!

I produce radio in all aspects, podcasts, and anything that has to do with sound and audio that you could
possibly want or need. My 20 years in radio have shown me one thing:

Thank you so much for choosing Griggs Productions for your adventure in the world of sound.
I am so excited to begin a relationship with you.
Now let's get to work.... and I promise you will have something you will be proud to call yours!

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